Welcome to Pearl Hacks 2018!
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First, the basics.

What's your first name? *

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What gender do you identify as? *

Pearl Hacks is for all woman-identifying hackers, but we do love having guys as mentors and volunteers! If you're interested, you can sign up on the website.

What is your cell phone number? *

xxx-xxx-xxxx format please :)
What is your t-shirt size? *

What year in school are you? *

Unfortunately, Pearl Hacks isn't able to accept high schoolers.

How old will you be on February 9th, 2018? *

For legal reasons, everyone must be 18 by the weekend of the hackathon.
Do you have any dietary restrictions? *

Will you require travel assistance? (bus provided by us, plane/train/gas reimbursement) *

If yes, please see http://pearlhacks.com/travel.html regarding certain forms you may need to fill out, or to see if your school is along a bus route.
Now for some data collection.

Have you ever coded before?

We LOVE first-timers!
How many hackathons have you participated in?

Resume link

If you don't have a personal website you host your resume on, just share it through Google Docs and put that link here.
Link us your personal website

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What kind of workshops would you like Pearl Hacks to offer?

(For example: mobile dev, beginner crash course, web dev, hardware, coding interview tips)
Finally, the legal mumbo-jumbo.

Do you agree to abide by Major League Hacking's Code of Conduct? *

I agree to the terms of both the MLH Contest Terms and Conditions and the MLH Privacy Policy. Please note that you may receive pre and post-event informational e-mails and occasional messages about hackathons from MLH as per the MLH Privacy Policy.
We participate in Major League Hacking (MLH) as a MLH Member Event. You authorize us to share certain application/registration information for event administration, ranking, MLH administration, and occasional messages about hackathons in line with the MLH Privacy Policy. *

Privacy Policy can be found at https://mlh.io/privacy
Do you consent to our photo policy? *

We take pictures of our hackers throughout the event to use as promotional material for future years.
Is there anything we missed?

Questions, comments, concerns, jokes, pick-up lines, you can put them all here.
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